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Little but Fierce has developed adaptations of three Shakespeare plays, Macbeth, Measure for Measure, and Much Ado About Nothing, exploring the female characters and gender politics of each play.


Measure for Measure

This production relocates the action from 17th Century Vienna to contemporary USA, the heart of the Bible Belt. A place where mega-churches jostle with stripclubs.

Hypocritical pastor Angelo introduces Isabella to a world of sex, power and corruption. But is Isabella's own religious zealotry a cover for her desperate attempts to gain agency over her own life?

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This production keeps it historical, but brings the play's themes of children and the loss of children to the fore. The witches are lay healers, Medieval midwives, who tap into powers and skills handed down between many generations of mothers and daughters to remove the dangerous dictator king Duncan from the throne.

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Much Ado About Nothing

This Much Ado is set in England in 1960, exploring the clash between 1950s formality and puritanism (represented by Hero) and 1960s liberal counter-culture and second wave feminism (represented by Hero). The production explores changing attitudes towards sex and the concept of sexual purity.

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The it turns out extremely friendly Bronx teenagers helped knock my handbag to the ground, albeit laughing at me, which is fair. But still the tiny thief refused to yield. He's smelled chocolate and would not give up his trophy. Alas the zipper gap was just big enough for his own body, not enough for a bag of Wal*Mart's finest Reeses' peanut butter cups.

Again and again we battled, until finally we managed together to open the zipper. Wallet keys and 15 lipbalms scattered, but all I could see was a fluffy tail bouncing up and down into the distance, bearing an orange bag larger than its owner.

Now, back in London, I feed the squirrels in the park next to my building, so tame they politely wait in circles around me and gentle take cashew nuts directly from my hand. One even knows how to walk on his hind legs.

Telling this story to a group of Americans recently, exclaiming at the difference between American and British squirrels, on Louisiana native remarked, "Yeah, we have some ratchet-ass squ'alls in America."

Ratchet Ass Squ'alls is my band name.

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