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Welcome to LONDONINIUM, an audio walking tour of London's hidden spots and secret stories.

Londoninium is a podcast (which can be downloaded here, or via searching "LONDONINIUM" in the Apple Podcast app or on Spotify) and can be enjoyed as a stand alone audio series, or can be experienced as a walking tour.

There are two routes to choose from. The longer route is five miles long, and should take two hours to walk. It starts in Wapping, meanders through the City of London, briefly ducks south of the Thames, pops along to Waterloo, and ends in Pall Mall. The shorter route takes in six of the ten stops, all of which are located within the City of London. The shortened walk should take about 30-45 minutes. Each location is accompanied by a short audio piece, bringing to life a person from history associated with that place. A route map is at the bottom of this page. (To walk the shorter route, please skip the first and last stops, and skip stop 6 “theatre ghost”.)

This audio trail has been designed to be a scavenger hunt, where you follow a series of clues to discover each location. If you would like to play, simply download the podcast, and hit play on the prologue episode "Welcome to Londoninium."

This episode will introduce you to the audio trail, and give you the clues to the first location. When you've found it, listen to episode one, 'OARS.' At the end of episode 1, you'll be given the clue for the second location, and so on.

We have created a PDF to accompany the walking tour, which contains a map, the list of list of the stops with clues, and if you get stuck (or prefer not to play) there's a list of all the locations and their addresses at the bottom.


LONDONINIUM is presented by Little but Fierce Theatre ( as part of Pop Up London. Pop Up London is brought to you by Battersea Arts Centre and Found In Music with support from the Mayor’s Let’s Do London campaign.

For more Pop-Up London events, please check out Visit London

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The it turns out extremely friendly Bronx teenagers helped knock my handbag to the ground, albeit laughing at me, which is fair. But still the tiny thief refused to yield. He's smelled chocolate and would not give up his trophy. Alas the zipper gap was just big enough for his own body, not enough for a bag of Wal*Mart's finest Reeses' peanut butter cups.

Again and again we battled, until finally we managed together to open the zipper. Wallet keys and 15 lipbalms scattered, but all I could see was a fluffy tail bouncing up and down into the distance, bearing an orange bag larger than its owner.

Now, back in London, I feed the squirrels in the park next to my building, so tame they politely wait in circles around me and gentle take cashew nuts directly from my hand. One even knows how to walk on his hind legs.

Telling this story to a group of Americans recently, exclaiming at the difference between American and British squirrels, on Louisiana native remarked, "Yeah, we have some ratchet-ass squ'alls in America."

Ratchet Ass Squ'alls is my band name.

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