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About Us



Little but Fierce was formed in 2013, coalescing out of an informal theatre collective of women creatives who would come together for regular workshops and skill-sharing sessions. Since then the company has expanded and we now have a large pool of actors, writers, producers, directors, designers and stage crew. Our motivation for founding Little but Fierce was frustration with the range of roles available for young women, and the dearth of roles for older women, women of colour, and women with disabilities. Instead of fighting the mainstream industry for acceptance we take strength in each other, and work together to carve out our own space to make the kind of work that excites and inspires us.

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Little but Fierce makes female-centric work that places women’s stories centre stage, in a range of mediums and genres. Our company produces a mixture of new writing, and classical adaptations, and our work has included everything from one-woman shows to large cast epics; traditional scripted plays, Brechtian deconstructions; verbatim community productions; and devised work. We have a particular interest in GLBT stories, gender and sexuality, mental health, and the disability spectrum.
Our remit is to create work that gives voice to and tells stories of people traditionally marginalised by mainstream society. We make female-centric work with female/non-binary protagonists, that have a more than 50% female/non-binary cast, and we work primarily with female/non-binary directors and writers. We try to cast race-blind and ability-status blind, and seek to ensure our productions are diverse and inclusive.



Our watchword is entertaining and unexpected. We make fun, dark, funny, subversive plays that are miles away from stereotypical issue-based theatre. We feel it is better to reach people by making them laugh and showing them something different, than by preaching. We love radical humour, mixed-media, queer fabulousness, and disability inclusivity!

The it turns out extremely friendly Bronx teenagers helped knock my handbag to the ground, albeit laughing at me, which is fair. But still the tiny thief refused to yield. He's smelled chocolate and would not give up his trophy. Alas the zipper gap was just big enough for his own body, not enough for a bag of Wal*Mart's finest Reeses' peanut butter cups.

Again and again we battled, until finally we managed together to open the zipper. Wallet keys and 15 lipbalms scattered, but all I could see was a fluffy tail bouncing up and down into the distance, bearing an orange bag larger than its owner.

Now, back in London, I feed the squirrels in the park next to my building, so tame they politely wait in circles around me and gentle take cashew nuts directly from my hand. One even knows how to walk on his hind legs.

Telling this story to a group of Americans recently, exclaiming at the difference between American and British squirrels, on Louisiana native remarked, "Yeah, we have some ratchet-ass squ'alls in America."

Ratchet Ass Squ'alls is my band name.

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