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VAULT Festival (2018)

ZINA, a devised verbatim play about female sexuality and feminism within Islam, debuted at VAULT Festival in February 2018.

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”

ZINA is a true story about an extraordinary woman: an artist, a feminist, and a Muslim. In 2016 she placed a provocative and challenging personal ad on Craigslist, looking for well-endowed men. All kinds of men responded, leading to months of online chatting. As Zina explores her sexual and inner life, she struggles to reconcile her emotions and her religious beliefs, while trying to figure out what will really bring her happiness and fulfillment.

ZINA is a radical exploration of female sexuality in its myriad forms, and the relationship between sex and religion, lust and convention. An open and honest look at female desire, this new work from feminist theatre collective Little but Fierce seeks to challenge stereotypes of Muslim women and present a feminist look at Islam.

Written and Directed by Jessica Cornfeld.

Starring Sarah-Jane Dent as Zina.


Visual Collection

Copy of ZINA - Poster Image_edited.png

“How do you co-exist your God and your sex drive? Men seem to have no problem with this but in Little But Fierce’s Zina there is never a conclusion for our protagonist. 

The most fascinating aspects of the play about Islam and the Qu’ran [show] a cheeky and strangely compassionate side of a religion that isn’t often painted as such. Plays about women’s unashamed sexual activity are still a rarity and  Jessica Cornfeld and Anonymous’s script has real potential to open the minds of anyone who sees it.”

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