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Welcome to [TBA], an audio walking tour and interactive scavenger hunt around Woolwich.

[TBA] is a podcast (which can be downloaded here, or via searching "[TBA]" in the Apple Podcast app or on Spotify) and can be enjoyed as a stand alone audio series, or can be experienced as a walking tour.

There are two routes to choose from. The longer route is two miles long and circular, starting at Woolwich Central Library and heading up to Woolwich Arsenal station, down Powis Street to St Mary's Churchyard near the Woolwich Free Ferry, before returning via the river path and through the Royal Arsenal to return to the starting point.

There is a shorter route available, which is .9 miles long and is a straight line.

The longer route takes in x stops, and the shorter route y stops.


Each location is accompanied by a short audio piece, a mixture of scripted monologues and verbatim recorded interviews with Woolwich locals, each bringing to life some aspect of that places' history, exploring fun facts and cute stories about Woolwich, and showing Woolwich as the vibrant community it is.


A route map is at the bottom of this page.

This audio trail has been designed to be a scavenger hunt, where you follow a series of clues to discover each location. If you would like to play, simply download the podcast, and hit play on the prologue episode "Welcome to Woolwich.'
This episode will introduce you to the audio trail, and give you the clues to the first location. When you've found it, listen to episode one, 'OARS.' At the end of episode 1, you'll be given the clue for the second location, and so on.
We have created a PDF to accompany the walking tour, which contains a map, the list of list of the stops with clues, and if you get stuck (or prefer not to play) there's a list of all the locations and their addresses at the bottom.



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