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What We Do

Little but Fierce is a feminist theatre collective that stages work written and directed by women, with a majority female cast, telling stories of women who have traditionally been marginalised within mainstream theatre. We produce a mix of new writing and feminist adaptions of classics, and have a particular remit to work with and tell stories of BAME, LGBT, disabled, and older women.

What’s Happening


Little but Fierce recently completed a hugely successful run of our newest play BATMAN (aka Naomi's Death Show), which garnered critical acclaim with four star reviews across the board.

Our next project is the Royal Society of Literature-funded CRIPLIGRAPHY, which will provide free playwriting workshops and a paid showcase for disabled aspiring/emerging disabled and neurodivergent playwrights and actors.

We are also one of two companies to have won the In Good Co Mid-Career Commission Award, and are under commission from Derby Theatre to create a new play titled The Best Days of Your Lives, which will explore disabled people's experience of the British educational system.

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London, UK

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